Designs for Everyone

Antique Toys Antique Toys
Funky Stars Funky Stars
Jungle Party Jungle Party
(custom charge applies)  
Polka Dot Bubbles Polka Dot Bubbles
Polka Dots Polka Dots
Rock & Roll Rock & Roll

Please note that all designs can be done in one of four color schemes (primary, pastel, hot and classic). If a color scheme is not specified on your order, we will use the colors shown in the design sample.

The designs shown here are our standard designs. We have carefully gone through each item and offered the designs that we feel look best on each item. If you have a desire to have a specific design that is not listed for that particular item, please make a note of it on your order and we will let you know if we can accommodate you. Also, for an additional charge, are artists are able to custom match your wallpaper, border, bedding or room art to many of our pieces. Please contact us for more information.